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We get it. For some business owners, it doesn't matter how simple it is, you just don't have time. Ask about our “Done For You” option. You literally don't have to do anything except meet with us and tell us what you want. We do the rest.

Capterra Reviews

Highly rated Direct Mail Marketing software by customers

SendJim rated 4.7/5
based on 61reviews

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App screenshot
Radius BOMB Mapping
Hyper-target ONLY the customers YOU want with Radius BOMB mapping, using 20+ property & demographic filters. Pinpoint targeting means better results.
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Neighbor Mailing on Autopilot
Send postcards to the neighbors of your customers every time you complete a job or before you arrive on site. 100% automatic!
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Drip Sequences That Get Results
Automatically send a series of postcards at just the right time to create the perfect campaigns using our drag and drop sequence builder.
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Quote Follow-Up To Close The Deal
Use handwritten cards to automatically follow up to close deals, stand out among competitors and earn more business.
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Every Door Direct Mail For Lead Gen
Take advantage of steep postage discounts with our EDDM tool. Choose your mail routes and design and order in less than 5 minutes.
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Customer Marketing
Use voicemails, postcards, and handwritten cards and gifts to engage customers and increase average sales order and purchase frequencey.

Additional Features

Editable Postcard Library
Choose from a library of editable postcard designs or hire our professional for impressive results.
No-Brainer Direct Mail
Skip trips to the post office and let us handle the logistics while you enjoy the rewards.
Relationship Builders
Deliver an unforgettable experience with thank-yous, gift cards, snacks, and more to build loyal customers.
Ringless Voicemail
Slide personal messages into your customer's voicemail box for effective and stealthy communication.

Premium Integrations

SendJim seamlessly integrates with your existing software. Here is a list of some of the most popular integrations. Don't see yours? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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SendJim works,
but don’t take our word for it

SendJim's simple platform does the hard work for you, by launching direct mail campaigns that are hyper-targeted to your ideal customers

Capterra Reviews

SendJim rated 4.7/5
based on 61reviews

SendJim helped us grow enormously this year, we've over tripled our revenue this year.

Andy Misiura, Window Cleaning / Pressure Washing

SendJim revolutionized my business!

Bobby Walker, Window Cleaning / Pressure Washing

$35 dollars landed me an $800 dollar job

Ryan Edrington, Xcellent Xteriors Pressure Washing

Automation made easy!

Stanley H., President, Construction

This software is pretty much set and forget. Once you have everything set up you will probably never need to touch it again unless you want to target a specific home or neighborhood. The automation process is a time saving and money making miracle!

I've been able to send out thank you cards and gifts

Marvin Salcido, Salcido Lawn

Incredibly Powerful For Small Businesses

Daniel D., Owner

This software can automate so much in my small business. It would take one full time employee to do this work manually that I am now able to automate. This is so powerful for small businesses when it comes to engaging customers. We are now in an era when we are overwhelmed with electronic communication and SendJim allows for the automation of physical marketing (handwritten cards, post cards, gifts, etc.).

I love this service!

Erin W., Construction, Owner

I love it and only hope to dig in more in the coming months and years. It is super easy to use. I can achieve my goals of sending gifts to Customers, as well as postcard mailers. There is so much more available that I haven't even tapped into yet like the 5 Around and EDDM. Did I mention that it is super easy to use! I also love being able to see where all of our Customers are located on the map. It's a great way to see how we are performing with our reach.

This software can dramatically impact clients perceptions of your business!

Seth N, Chemicals, Self-employed

Overall my experience with SendJim has been very positive. With SendJim I have improved my clients perceptions of my business, putting a more caring and attentive foot forward with them and in turn finding more referrals from those clients. SendJim has also helped to relieve some of my daily workload by way of automations with Service AutoPilot working hand in hand with SendJim. One click and lots of marketing to prospects, lost clients, and the like is scheduled and completed with very little oversight required.

Integration with my CRM (Service AutoPilot) has allowed me to put the repetative and mundane tasks like welcome cards, Christmas Cards, Referral Rewards, Thank Yous, and so much more on a truly automated system. With a single action in my CRM, individual and even sequential mailings can be sent to clients that are personalized to their specific property, service, and needs. No more feeling overwhelmed when its time to mail Christmas Cards or process our referral rewards! Its all done with a click with SendJim's integration with our CRM!

Tadd M.

Tadd M., Facilities Services, Owner

Great for thank you for business cards and another plug for reviews. Very simple integration with my CRM software, in fact the CRM had SendJim right in it's set up. Great for for me for touches with the customer and getting reviews.

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